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sorry i couldn't let you be less than happy


Cute and fluffy. A dog kind of person. Voice and hair fetish. Boot fetish. Namie obsession. Purple for those who can't decide between blue and red. Culinary student. Book nerd. Wannabe writer. Pervert. Food lover. Coke zero addict. Sweet and spicy. Affectionate. Heavily medicated so if you can't handle it kindly gtfo. A marshmellow at heart. Part of the Ayu-dislike club. Mixed feelings over Kuu with a strong hate for Kuuters. Daydreamer. Snarky. Grudge holder. Water baby. Emotionally dependant. Socially thirteen even though closer to twenty.

Namie Amuro
Love of my life. Soulmate. Ideal woman. Strong. Dorky. Food lover. Dog lover. Single mother. Silly. Independant. Emotional. Loving. Maternal. A true preformer. My sorce of inspiration. My gym soundtrack. My motivation. Baby Don't Cry. My favorite mutant and freak of nature. I choose to support her with my love and commitment.

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